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Iconic Moderne
Hidden Glories
Theme sets have been mailed! 
4th-Apr-2007 11:25 pm
OUaT :: Emma Yellow
Theme sets have been sent out in each of your mailboxes. If there are any questions please let me know. You'll have until the end of this month to complete all your icons and post here in an entry. Please place the letter representing your theme set in your subject line.


Subject: Theme set Z

After everyone posts their icons, we begin the fun part of revealing who has who and then the favorite battle off. ^_____^ Have fun!

Comments, Concerns, General Questions please ask here. Comments will be screened.
5th-Apr-2007 04:45 pm (UTC)
Oh my I was on the verge of forgettig this thing but YAY it's up & away.

I got my themes, very nice.
I'll get crackin on em soon.

But a few questions=
Are there any rules? restrictions?
Do we have to stick to making icons for one thing or a mixture or free for anything?
You know me; the Chib's nervous of jumping in head first cuz I'll end up with a concussion :P
5th-Apr-2007 09:06 pm (UTC)
hehe, okie. the themes are for icon making only.

there isn't really any restrictions...maybe besides making sure the icon stays in a 40kb/100x100 lj style. Other than that, just interpret the theme as you see. ^___^
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