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Iconic Moderne
Hidden Glories
Challenge Post (Theme Set C) 
27th-May-2007 02:04 am
OUaT :: Emma Yellow
Just an FYI: Do not let each other know whose theme set belongs to who when you comment. That's not until afterward. Danku

* All Icons Are Based On Sailormoon Character "Serena/Sailor Moon"
* If Anyone does take the icons, credit please.
* Resources on Profile and in Memories


1. Love
2. Infatuation
3. Heaven
4. Duty
5. Bewilderment
6. Email
7. Trees
8. Medication
9. Technology
10. Sensei
11. Food
12. School
13. Cars
14. Winter
15. Frazzled
16. Omnipotent
17. Chaos
18. Fashion
19. Emotion
20. Evoke

Love Infatuation Heaven Duty Bewilderment
Email Trees Medication Technology Sensei
Food School Cars Winter Frazzled
Omnipotent Chaos Fashion Emotion Evoke

27th-May-2007 10:18 am (UTC) - awww
Whenever I remember/see Sailor Moon - I feel so old, lol.

These are Super-superb Caspy.

My favourites are #5 & 10 (but all of em are stunning) I just find those two cute.

I still envy your talent of use of text/fonts!!
Gah, maybe you could make a font/text guide tutorial? *bats eyelashes*

I especially like the font used in 'Medication' & 'Evoke'. I think I have it - just forgot what it is ^^;

Great work!

13th-Jun-2007 05:05 am (UTC) - Sorry it took forever to reply >< I'm a baaad ghost.
Font and text is a bitch to me as it probably is to you. I just pretty much make sure it doesn't over take the whole icon, which I have done in the past a lot. Best bet would be to make sure its readable (unless purposely done otherwise) and not covering important details about the icon (subject).

The font for Medication and Evoke I can't really remember and I don't have open my PSC2 but I think its either "Ruritania" or "Porcelian" I think.

And danku for the compliments. My fav is also #5 & #10. You can't have Serena without jokes invovled somehow!
13th-Jun-2007 11:48 am (UTC) - Re: Sorry it took forever to reply >< I'm a baaad ghost.
Oh thats good because I have both fonts; "Ruritania" & "Porcelian" theyre so pwetty.

Thanks for the text tips girlfriend :)
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